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APT30D20BCT 200V, 2 x 30A ultrafast soft recovery rectifier diode
APT50M85LVR 500V, 56A power MOS V transistor
APT1201R6BVR 1200V, 10A power MOS V transistor
APT30M36B2LL 300V, 84A power MOS 7 transistor
APT2X100D20J 200V, 100A ultrafast soft recovery dual rectifier diode
APT15D100BHB 1000V, 2 x 15A ultrafast soft recovery rectifier diode
APT6035AVR 600V, 16A power MOS V transistor
APT1004RCN 1000V, 3.6A power MOS IV
APT8052SFLL 800V, 15A power MOS 7 transistor
APT2X100D40J 400V, 100A ultrafast soft recovery dual rectifier diode
APT50M80JLC 500V, 52A power MOS V transistor
APT6030BN 600V, 23A power MOS IV transistor
APT20GT60BR 600V, 40A thunderbolt IGBT
APT6045CVR 600V, 11.8A power MOS V transistor
APT5024SVR 500V, 22A power MOS V transistor
APT20M20B2FLL 200V, 100A power MOS 7 transistor
APT30D40HCT 400V, 2 x 30A ultrafast soft recovery rectifier diode
APT50M75JLL 500V, 52A power MOS 7 transistor
APT8020B2LL 800V, 38A power MOS 7 transistor
APT20M20JFLL 200V, 106A power MOS 7 transistor
APT8011JLL 800V, 51A power MOS 7 transistor
APT5020SLC 500V, 26A power MOS VI transistor
ARF1501 250V, 1500W, RF power MOSFET
APT8043SLL 800V, 20A power MOS 7 transistor
APT30M40JVR 300V, 70A power MOS V transistor
APT60M75L2FLL 600V, 73A power MOS 7 transistor
APT30D60BCA 600V, 2 x 30A ultrafast soft recovery rectifier diode
APT5018SFLL 500V, 27A power MOS 7 transistor


Advanced Power Technology (APT) designs, manufactures, and markets high performance power semiconductors for electrical power conversion, control, and amplification. There are two business units serving worldwide markets: Switching Power - MOSFETs, IGBTs, Diodes, Power Modules RF Power - RF transistors

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