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  • LM117KGMW8
    3-Terminal Adjustable Regulator
    9 Channel Bus LVDS Transceiver
  • 74F2623PCX
    Inverting octal bus transceiver with 25 Ohm series resistors in the outputs. Devices shipped in 13 inches reels.
  • LMX2354TMX
    2.5 GHz/550 MHz PLLatinum Fractional N RF / Integer N IF Dual Low Power Frequency Synthesizer
  • LM4041DIM3X-1.2
    Precision Micropower Shunt Voltage Reference
  • 74F779QCQR
    8-bit bidirectional binary counter with TRI-STATE outputs. Commercial grade device with burn-in.
  • JM38510R75703BS
    Octal Buffer/Line Driver with TRI-STATE Outputs
  • COPCFH988V
    8-Bit CMOS ROM Based Microcontrollers with 4k Memory and A/D Converter
  • LM285MX
    Adjustable Micropower Voltage Reference
  • DP8390DN
    NIC Network Interface Controller
  • DS75491N
    MOS-to-LED Quad Segment Driver
  • LM2594MX-12
    SIMPLE SWITCHER Power Converter 150 KHz 0.5A Step-Down Voltage Regulator
  • LM339N
    Low Power Low Offset Voltage Quad Comparator
  • LM4880N
    Dual 200 mW Audio Power Amplifier with Shutdown Mode
  • ADC0804LCJ
    8-Bit µP Compatible A/D Converters
  • LM309H
    5-Volt Regulator
  • DS90CF564MTD
    LVDS 18-Bit Color Flat Panel Display (FPD) Link - 65 MHz
  • ADC0803LCN
    8-Bit µP Compatible A/D Converters
  • LM193H-MLS
    Low Power Low Offset Voltage Dual Comparator
  • 54F257ADMQB
    Quad 2-Input Multiplexer with TRI-STATE Outputs
  • DS90LV001TLD
    3.3V LVDS-LVDS Buffer
  • LM139MDS
    Low Power Low Offset Voltage Quad Comparator
  • 100301MW8
    Low Power Triple 5-Input OR/NOR Gate
  • 5962-9219701MKA
    Quiet Series Octal Bidirectional Transceiver with 8-Bit Parity Generator/Checker and TRI-STATE Outputs
  • LM2647MTC
    Dual Synchronous Buck Regulator Controller
  • JD54LS151B2A
    1-of-8 Line Data Selector/Multiplexer with Complementary Outputs
  • 5962-8776001M2A
    Octal Buffer/Line Driver with TRI-STATE Outputs
  • LP3470M5X-4.38
    Tiny Power On Reset Circuit
  • CGS2534V
    Commercial Quad 1-to-4 Clock Driver [Life-time buy]
  • LM4130EIM5X-4.1
    Precision Micropower Low Dropout Voltage Reference